Box Power

BoxPower provides innovative infrastructural solutions to off-grid and underserved markets worldwide.

Meet Our Technology

BoxPower is the largest containerized hybrid renewable energy system on the market, incorporating a 16.5 kW PV-solar array, 5 kW wind turbine, 15 kW backup generator, and 50 kWh battery bank.



BoxPower arrives completely self-contained in a standard, 20 ft. shipping container, which allows it to be transported nearly anywhere in the world by truck, train, or ship.



Multiple systems can be seamlessly linked together to meet energy demands of any size, and the container acts as the base and frame for the solar array – the largest of its kind in any containerized renewable energy system.



Our patent-pending smart energy management system will integrate deployable load scheduling and predictive energy storage based on future meteorological conditions, maximizing energy output and storage.


Angelo Campus

Angelo Campus graduated from Princeton in 2016, and has spent the last five years researching and designing models of renewable electrification that promote equitable energy access. At Princeton, he designed an independent major combining civil engineering and anthropology with a focus on renewable energy technology, policy, and business. His skills include the technical design and construction of renewable microgrids, as well as computational modeling of renewable resource integration.

Angelo Campus, CEO

Aaron Schwartz

Aaron Schwartz graduated from Princeton in 2017 with a concentration in Operations Research and Financial Engineering and certificate in Applications of Computing. There, Aaron served as Co-Director of the Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars Program, and Co-President of the Princeton’s Engineers Without Borders chapter. His senior thesis focused on mathematical modeling and optimization of off-grid energy systems. In 2016 he served as a Business Development Intern at Compit, Inc., a real estate tech start-up.

Aaron Schwartz, COO

Advisory Board

Roman Bitsuie

President of the Navajo Development Group, and former Executive Director of the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Office.


Marty Johnson

Founder and CEO of Isles, Inc. an award-winning Trenton-based social development non-profit.

Jim Ayala

Chairman of Stiftung Solarenergie Solar Energy Foundation (Philippines), Founder and CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions, and Former Director at McKinsey & Company.

Tom Leyden

Senior Director of Distributed Electricity and Storage at EDF Renewable Energy, former VP of Energy Storage Development at SunEdison, and former VP of Project Development at SolarCity.